Its been 10 days since the fires that raged through Imizamo Yethu (IY) – killing many and displacing thousands of people. Today is Human Rights Day, formally a day commemorating the Sharpeville Massacre. Today we should all take a moment to think about our blessings and the countless basic human rights that millions of people don’t have access to. Shelter, water, food, education, love, freedom… the list goes on.

A beautiful circumstance brought about in the otherwise tragic event in IY  is the sheer magnitude of support, donations, empathy and time poured in by the people of the Western Cape and South African businesses. This attention has not only been focused on the people of IY but towards the animals too.

DARG has been spearheading the campaign of assisting the animals in need. A community united to help the people and the pets affected by the Hout Bay fire – DARG have taken in Animals, Penzance Vet are giving free treatment, Hills are donating funds for free treatments and food for the pets and volunteers coming from everywhere to help a community in need. They’ve been busy handing out pet food packages to those in need and seeing to the veterinary treatments of those animals affected by the fire.

With the help of the IY community the DARG Team having been climbing through rubble and debris to find trapped cats and dogs and bringing them to safety.  The past few days have been filled with emotions as Imizamo Yethu families have come to DARG to visit their pets rescued from the fire. Little children from the community help identify displaced pets. They hope to reunite all dogs with their families.

“Saving 1 animal might not change the world but you’ll be saving the world of that 1 animal”

Watch this video to see the incredible work DARG has done:

DARG can use as much support as possible! Contact them to volunteer or donate. Help make a difference on Human Rights Day.

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Call – 021 790 0383

Thank you for the wonderful support <3